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Whale Watching
Sri Lanka is becoming a major destination for whale and dolphin watching. Dondra Point in the south is the main port of whale watching during December to April. During these months there is a 95% chance of spotting Sperm Whales and Blue Whalesas their migration path is just off Dondra Point. Spinner Dolphins and sea turtles can also be seen. Garden House is able to arrange Whale Watching Trips.

Turtle Watching
Five out of the seven species of sea turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka, making it an ideal country to go turtle watching.  If you want to see turtles visiting the South Western and South Eastern coastal villages you can do this at night from a distance with the aid of binoculars. Nesting turtles should not be disturbed and light disturbances should be minimised at night. Regrettably a large number of visiting turtles are caught by local fishermen for flesh and shells. All turtles and their products are fully protected by Sri Lankan and International Law.

National Parks and Rainforest
Sri Lanka, despite being a small island, is gifted with many wildlife attractions such as big game parks, rain forests and scenic forests & mountainous reserves. Sri Lanka is popular for its large population of leopards and elephants. There are also many other species like sloth bears, crocodiles, as well as different varieties of deer, monkeys, and over 400 varieties of birds, 200 of these are resident and 26 endemic. A number of national parks are within reach of the Garden House and tours can be arranged.

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