the garden hotel, srilanka
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Waste Management
Waste is separated and sorted and recyclables (metals, glass and iron) are removed. Guests are encouraged to limit plastic waste brought to Garden House. Organic waste is turned into compost which will nourish plants in the garden.

Use of Resources
Water comes from spring-fed wells in the garden itself. The water is fresh and drinkable right from the tap. 
From a perspective of climate change and protection of the environment we encourage our guests to be attentive to use of electricity, such as switching off lights and fans when not in the rooms. Where possible, lamps have been installed with low energy bulbs. Hot water is heated by solar power panels placed on the roof of the buildings.

Social Responsibility
To the extent possible the Garden House supports the local economy by u se of Sri Lankan manufacturing and sustainable raw materials. Staff are recruited from the local area and trained in the hotel industry and resource management. Additionally the Garden House provides support to local primary schools in need of education material.

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